Linda D. Sherley Ainsworth: It is written.

by Linda D. Sherley Ainsworth, USA

We all wanted Americans to STAND UP, and now that they are in the streets … just who is it that’s sitting back and complaining about this? I know there are some out there in the streets who are against America. THINK about the ones who are doing the RIGHT THING … and where are YOU?

Where am I? I am just trying to understand if all this is really coming from the Nazi Bilderbergs from a hundred years ago using the Bible as their guide or, if it’s God Himself using them to fulfill His will.

I know the Illuminati are trying to fool us into thinking it’s the end of the World. That is part of their master plan. With HAARP which has now been accepted for the most part as real, it can be done, even with holographs, but they also try to make us believe that all the things we see and touch are virtual.

The Illuminati have gone to great lengths to prove to us that there is no Jesus, when all the effort to do so proves there is … He is the only threat Evil has, against whom Satan cannot fight and win. It never ceases to amaze me how important worshipping Satan is to these people and that they have surrounded us all our lives, melding everything we do and think with Satanic thoughts. But the real miracle is that it has not and will not engulf your soul if you are Christian … so the saying “By Grace we are alive” is so true. Just think of how you have been protected from all this hate and evil ALL your life, and all because you believe and were Baptised.

If all this is true then it’s God’s will and there is nothing we can or should try to do to prevent any thing concerning the End Times.

It Is Written.


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