The Absolute Revolution of Azsacra Zarathustra, by Katya Ganeshi & Lena Semenyaka

By Katya Ganeshi & Lena Semenyaka (Russia)

Last words of Nietzsche:
What does not kill me,
Will soon come for you!!

The name of the renowned Indo-Aryan thinker, expert and practitioner of the «Philosophy of Over» Azsacra Zarathustra is well known in India, as well as in Russia, Europe and the United States of America. An exciting and challenging meeting with one’s own anxiety is the sole destiny and reward for those who dare to become acquainted with his Over-aggressive and Killing creativity, which is originally extreme in its boundless destruction ― this because «only through the lips of Death is it possible to announce Death to non-existence and the End of absence …»

So, here before us we have the Thinker ― recognizing and confirming only one «Non-philosophy», namely ― the Philosophy of Over, which is underpinned and verified by the immitigable Cleanliness of Action: «Not to allow replacement of the Coupling of Lightnings through the copulations of Logos with Logos…». Therefore the Anti-successor of the Nietzschean Overman ― in the mind of Azsaсra Zarathustra ― is the Over Without man [Overwithoutman], subverting the Overman from his throne … this in order to clearly annunciate: «For the sake of «man» ― nothing, but for Over ― All!!» [or simply: «Over! …Without the man!»]

Thus, we have the severe formulation of a new principle «Over-over, which is boundless in its possibilities and upwards reaching: Precisely Upwards!» as «crucial principle» of the Azsacra Zarathustra’s Philosophy of Over is in itself a natural appendix to the Doctrine of Absolute Revolution, just as it is also a derivative of Über-Macht-Thought. This is expressed by its practical «corporally and Strong willed» embodiment: «Über-Macht-Thought is Not a «supra-normal» abstraction of thoughts, but rather a concrete Coronation of the Will of Over as FOREVER-POWER-TO-LIFE leading ultimately to [and solely for] the Risk of Luxury of ABSOLUTE REVOLUTION!!»

The Forever Impossible transition in Forever Impossible through the «Magic Zero Point» of Shunya (which was predicted by Ernst Jünger) is the only «possible condition» leading to Absolute Revolution. And it cannot be achieved through a «Buddhism of negativity» by means of Shunyata to Dissolution», but via the «Over-positive ― the aggressive and creating atoms of Kshatriyas ― through Shunya to Power». As a result of this percussive differentiation of two types of Emptiness [Shunya contra Shunyata], the shameful Buddhist Nirvana instantly «disappears, whereas the aggressively-Other-Emptiness ― Shunya! ― it is creating remains contrary to all. Shunya suddenly throws Itself into Total Absence as Emptiness to Supremacy. And then ― [from this Supreme Absence of all!] the dead Hawk suddenly soars further and further …»

«Suddenly flying further and further» ― is not merely one of Azsacra Zarathustra’s sublime poetic metaphors, but rather the indisputable fact of an indivertible Verdict: «Even when it crosses over [in Nothingness!] into millions of immediate and simultaneous never-ending «emptinesses» and «abysses», the Will to Power is Truth of a Blow, instead of the mere contemplation of the lie of its own infinite Absence». The immitigable «Philosophy of Over» thus asserts: «The percussive Attacks of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy ― and only this alone is the Prevailing secret behind Aryan Invasion Theory»

Thus, actual transition into the Forever Impossible is realizable only within the philosophical stratum of the most Ancient Aryan Earth ― indeed, from India! ― and only it is exclusively capable absolutely «to activate in Europe and America new types of «small revolutions», which inevitably, as the rivers Yamuna [Nothing to Power] and Ganges [Emptiness to Supremacy], will merge into one Sacred Point ― Saraswati, or the Point of Absolute Revolution! …»

Id est: «On the one side ― the Greatest Complexity of Absolute Revolution is simple and empty, as is the Blow of the Fist. But on the other side ― Absolute Revolution isn’t at all one of «social revolutions», concentrated and insular to «human striving». At best, that kind of «revolution» is only «a prologue», a primary «possibility» for a Lightning-like transition of Total Will to the POWER OF ABSOLUTE REVOLUTION»

In opposition: «Only the Will to Power as the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy is Our Over-mission. The Absolute Revolution occurs not for the reason that it is supported by the «masses» … »

For this reason «India should invent its own «Pre-Indo-Aryan» form of Absolute Revolution ― «SHUNYAREVOLUTION», which navigates in two directions ― both inside the human «Code», and in a concrete historical reality: «Time has come to Blast «the economic world» at Once ― from within and outside!! … Only soaring Upwards in a Strong Vertical Fashion ― through the all-destroying middle of Emptiness to Supremacy! ― all the aggressive percussive centers of Will to Power ascend; up to the Supreme [Terrifying!] Zero Point ― Nothing to Power! And even further ― to Nothingness [Nothing-Will!] compressed in the Power of Over, thus breaching, at once, all infinite «emptinesses» and «absences»!! …»

Therefore: «We should skillfully and Ruthlessly attempt to effectuate Explosive Works ― and only that! ― inside the «Code» of humanness. All of our experiences [the smithereens!] must carefully and with detachment be put into the Living Brutal Body of this new philosophy ― the Philosophy of Over!». The concept of Death, of course, is important for the philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra, and he underlines it especially. As with the furtive Will to Ultra-Maximum Excess of Life, from here his «Overman is always Over Without man, which like Nothing to Power for the sake of Emptiness to Supremacy, severely Destroys the «man», but it [in all cases of Death!] conserves and Strengthens the Total sum of Excess of Life ― It IS OVER! …»

According to Zarathustra’s sense of philosophical order, Absolute Revolution excludes dialectics of the individual and masses: «The Primary Secret of Life is a Revolution Without concept … «the individual man», but with a doctrine of «masses» as a single whole of Will to Power». Paradoxically, its creator is also its own spawning ― Over Without man: «Man should be Overcome … NOT by way of usual «social revolution», but [and only!] through the ABSOLUTE REVOLUTION OF OVER!! Or, if Striking more precisely: «Break Through! … With the Absolute Rupture of Over Soaring Upwards!»

What does this mean? For Azsacra Zarathustra «there is only the Creating Spirit of Death, all the rest is utterly «the lie of dying». To become the Will to Power ― means to Create by Death and to Create by Destruction!». Id est: «Always, for the Will to Power to counter-attack these «attacks of false dying» and «the distorted disintegration» ― the Blow of Creating Death is necessary! And from here alone: «Absolute Revolution [Creating Death!] is achievable. It is never impossible to tame and train through «gradual dying» for the needs of «building humanness». The Life of Revolution ― in Itself the Most brutal Female! ― is at once and Forever Death! Always and Never ― Death!!»…

However, the paradox of this position dissipates the moment the following basic understanding is reached: «the revolutionary cannot be the «subject» nor the «object» of any kind of revolution, but merely their [«subject-object»] Definitive Destruction. Any «radicalism» of object or of subject will always slow down and be late [with these Meta-brakes!] for Absolute Revolution, just as Nothingness, always slows down for comprehension of invasion of Nothing to Power». Therefore, the «radical subject» is, in the words Azsacra Zarathustra, a representation of the same slavishness «a camel» which the Lion of Laughter of Over Without man should tear into shreds. The «radical subject» in itself does Not have the force to kill the «spirit of heaviness» …»

In all probability, the prime Key to understanding of Absolute Revolution is the Extremely-strict and Over-exacting relationship between the Over-philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra and the philosophy of Nietzsche: «The Ancient Weapon, tells Azsacra, is Not «outdated», but no one ever dares to embrace it as contemporary. Therefore the Danger of Being Strong [the Absolute Most-Over!] is invariably much Higher than any perceived level of «maximum threat» or «radical risk» … Death itself is the Over, and the Over is the Upwards Jump of Death! …»

It is thus evident that «It is necessary Not simply to «accept Danger», but actually to force Danger itself ― inside of Itself! ― better that than to shudder and wallow in ignorance as a fearful reaction to the Horror of Even More Deadly Risk!». From here: «The True fighting unit of Over is always Preying Upon the «sums of all» as «zero zones», without individual units». According to Zarathustra: «the Will to Power doesn’t renounce anyone!! And regarding «death»: God [«God is dead»], doesn’t die, but the Nietzschean formula «Gott ist todt» only strengthens the Divine Will to Power for Himself ― Forever Nobody!! ― as with the definitively ineradicable Nothing to Power»

Thus: «Will of Over Without man [Gott-Tod!] as Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy is burning all «reasonable safety devices» before entering into Will to Power as such. And thusly, Not-shown Over is ensconced in the Hidden and Invisible from which it doesn’t disappear, but is Totally Governed by Absence Eternally!!». And it is real: «Without the Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy the life of God is only the «inability» to Think ― «shortage of the will»! ― conditioned by its Own Death …»

From here Azsacra Zarathustra reaches the Most Ruthless Conclusion: «the Death of God simultaneously courses both to Pre-Death and the Beyond-dying «I» of God, but … all should be Destroyed! … Actually, Immortality is itself a Death from «immortality» ― Azsacra Zarathustra asserts together with Nietzsche that the Creating Death is a Terrifying Ability designed to approach Death, but Not to follow Its Laws of Nothing-non-existence and Empty-absence. But to come nearer in what way? Over! Without! And Beyond «human dying»! …»

Here ― in the Creating Death! ― Zarathustra demands from Overwithoutman the Most Cruel Ruptures and Differences. For: «Just from here [Pre-Anywhere!] the Imperious Attack of Emptiness [Emptiness to Supremacy!] strikes all conceivable and inconceivable «emptinesses» and «voids» through, forcing the Non-existence to be Not «the negative sign» for «nothing», but to become Other Destruction [Entirely Other of the Destruction], whose unknown element is the Creation by Death in the Center of Triumph of Absolute Revolution …»

And so it is: «The Revanche of Nothing from Non-existence and Absence is Nothing to Power, where Horror of Disappearance only shows the «empty contours» of the Nothing-Imperious Riddle of Supremacy even more strongly. And suddenly ― Life to [Power!] again runs as a Tiger ……!»

Therefore, Azsacra Zarathustra furiously exclaims: «Nichtiges» ― Annihilate! ― Without mercy, to all expressions of the «mendacious nothing-non-existence»: «Truth Here and Now is Death for the No One ― Everywhere. And it means: Without the Highest point of Will to Power ― Without Nothing to Power! ― Death [as the «false blow» against Nothing] is designating us as [only!] the vainly presented/not-presented Forever Absence ― «erroneous dying» and «mendacious nothing/non-existence» …»

And furthermore, according to Zarathustra: «When Heidegger, analyzing European Nihilism, deduces, ostensibly the saving term «Diktatur des Nichts» [«dictatorship of nothing»], it criminally closes a pure attacking action of Aggressive Over, and bears down on it an exceptionally human factor ― the «will to directorate», but not upon the Will to Power of Over Without «man», whose apex is Nothing to Power». Accordingly: «Nothing!-Revolution is Not «dictatorship of nothing», is Not an «autocracy of emptiness», but Absolute Freedom of Over, which is Exterminating with detachment [at once!] all kinds of human «freedoms» and «obedience» …»

Expressed a bit differently: «Yes! Absence ― is absent, but … Absence of Power will Attack Eternally!!»…

For Azsacra Zarathustra: «Absolute Revolution ― is the Inexplicable simultaneous Union and Strife of all Will and Forces at Once!». Id est: «Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy ― are initially various and hostile [dissimilar] instinctively/Noumenal Forces! They only substitute each other for the cheerfulness of Creating by Death, and [sometimes!] for the More dangerous Game of Will to Power. And then, as a result of This Over-zero castling, separated from «man», Over [at Lightning speed!] passes Over to even more and newer beyond-Overforms of Power Without «the same directorate» …»

«Therefore even Not Overwithoutman, but [only!] itself Over Without «man» ― through Absolute Revolution! ― can Activate all the Brutum-Bestial-Centers of Will to Power within Those who haven’t lost the Pure Creating Aggression, but on the contrary ― those who have raised Up ― raised Upwards! ― the Bestial Power of Violence in an ABSOLUTE BLOW OF WILL TO POWER; Blow of Shunya [Shunya-Shot!] in the final, last and most-strengthened boundaries of Non-existence, Disappearance and Absence …»

«We need only those kinds [Over-Vedas!] of Creative Aggression, which capabilities to simultaneously Surpass any forms of «order» and «chaos». Even if Anarchy were to disintegrate into millions of «freedoms», and even if the Order were to divide into billions of «subduals» ― even then all this «a treacherous charm» we must Destroy. Id est the Unique and True Absolute Revolution for Azsacra Zarathustra ― «it Not simply being the Sacred Order of Chaos or the Sacral Chaos of Order, but fastened together ― with Blood! ― the Will to Power of all ever irremediably lost Instinctive Forces and Lives at Once! …»

From here we come back to the issue of Über-Macht-Thought: «We don’t need the «silly weapon» of philosophy against «a postmodernism», but we need the Most Impossible Extirpation of all «isms» of revolutions through Absolute Revolution. We already have passed across the «Magic Zero Point»; now neither «nobody» nor «anything» can stop us as Absolute Nothing to Power… Let the mind’s «will be obscured» [or even better ― Killed!], but Instincts ― are always Pure and Distinct! …»

In concordance with Azsacra: «Evola, actually, never tried to «Ride the Tiger», but only did all, that this Tiger of Will to Power instantly (in a trice!) could do to tear to pieces each of the «good equestrians» and «evil horsemen» simultaneously. Id est: on the «Tiger of Death it is impossible to Ride with the instrumentality of the «occult», it [only!] should be eaten by lions of Nothing to Power [it is necessary!], and then they (the lions) should be lacerated by the Dragon of Emptiness to Supremacy …»

«When the Instinctive [from Brutum Bestiale!] Will to Power reaches upwards towards the Higher Zero Point ― Nothing to Power! ― Over-reunion all the Pre-initial Energies of Zero of Will [ + the Non-existence] and Zero of Power [ – the Non-existence] in the Great Noul of Emptiness to Supremacy actually occurs; and it cruelly moves further Upwards, and suddenly Over [Overover!] noumenal thus subdues the definitive-imperious Noul-Nuol, or NihillihiN [Eternal Recurrence of Nothing to Nothing for Nothing to Power!]»

What is Over-intention? «There is only the Attacks of Nothing-Will through Life to Power ― all types of restrictions in the shape of «laws of karma» and/or «principles of dying» will Annihilated by Forever Not! This only thing ― Forever Not! ― thus becomes Forever only as a Concrete Indivertible Blow! … and only then there is an Absolute Revolution»

And then Zarathustra even more severely and dangerously proposes: «After the Death of the Body ― Will to Power! ― maintains, fortifies and strengthens Not vestigial-illusive «forms of man», but only a non-appurtenance to «IT»: the Pure Over. In other words: Initially seized through Power of Instincts ― Over! ― Not «dies at hands of the world», but instantly passes over into Over-over and further only: Precisely Upwards!»

Regarding: «Precisely Upwards, and Up!» ― here are the Sacral Ciphers of Absolute Revolution, where in «Authentic Force of Over [only after Death!] there is a readiness for Risk increasing further… All Authentic Riddles initially have no «solutions» ― warns Azsacra. ― Under any bewitching condition of Triumph of Thought «we» shouldn’t trust Neither «myself», Nor «another», and neither this non-appealable «Triumph of Thought». On this basis: «Over Without «man» is only an eternal Intolerable Horror of lightning-like transpositions of forever unknown Centers of Will to the Power …»

Thus: «Move ― to Ascend! ― strictly and vertically Upwards, assumes an Over-jerk of Will to Power of Upwards [and!] … At once and in every which way of Absence! Only so ― Cruelly Grabbing each empty-point of Absence, strengthened by Non-existence ― and in each instant of Disappearances to be superseded [More, than Violently!] by sudden annihilation by lightning bolts of Aggressions of Over. [And only after that!] Revolutionary Emptiness ― by ABSOLUTE SHUNYA! ― Interferes and cruelly Deplenishes IRREVERSIBLE EMPTINESS and Forever Exterminates «own absence» … ABSOLUTELY!!»

And therefore, according to Azsacra Zarathustra: «The Revolution of Emptiness is Not a form, but Emptiness is the Revolution of Form. Absolute Revolution of Over is a Will of compression of Force at the Point of Blow, instead of an unclenching of weakness of «the fear of never-ending thought». A New Zarathustra ferociously ascertains: «From the point of view of Will to Power ― the Death of God only entirely Strengthens the Will of God [as Nothing to Power!] to Other Supremacy ― in a Trice/Over! ― by way of all the «prepotencies», «directorates» and «excellences». Only he/she/it who Honestly Creates Death, ― «does not die» Eternally for [only!] Creation by Death to Nobody and Never are not equal …»

Thenceforth Zarathustra deduces the most mysterious Thesis of Absolute Revolution: «Only Ultimate Non-fame of Over Without «man» has the capability to Kill «a forever impossibility» as the infinite «zero, all too zero» Future. Therefore, Over Without man shouldn’t unriddle of «dying» through the intermediary of Immortality, but should Dare to Riddle the Creating Death through the intermediary of Enlivening Destruction at once [here!] … Yes! It is Absolute Death!! But there ― in the Center of the Maximum Death! ― the Attacking Life of Death Not «dies». Eternally Not «dies» …»

And, at last, regarding Über-tactics of achievement of Triumph of Absolute Revolution from its Over-strategist Azsacra Zarathustra: «All «human» Not belonging to us thus capitulates before Emptiness [as the Power Absentee of Over], but all of Over Without man belonging to us comes and assails. On empty Banner of Over Without man there are No images! And there we don’t see promised «gaping emptinesses». In addition, it never more has Not the gesture of deployment of «banner», and Never more has Not the one, «who» imperiously raises this «banner». And at the same time [through Other Lightning!] resounds Emptiness as Emptiness to Supremacy at once, inexplicable-Anywhere Raises the Banner of Revolt ― Over-Rising! ― until the birth of a gesture, a sound or a symbol; Over-Rising thereof Empty Pure Banner as the Impossible Will of each to the Non-appealable Victory …»

«The combat order of Nothing is Nothing to Power … and there are No more orders!»

Lecture «The Absolute Revolution» by Katya Ganeshi & Lena Semenyaka
(National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, department of philosophy)

Translations by Katya Ganeshi & Adam Donaldson Powell

Photo courtesy of Azsacra Zarathustra





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